Sax 5th Avenue
Bob Steele - Saxophone and Flute
Zach Smith - Bass Guitar
Mark Flippin - Guitar
Jim Lambert - Guitar  
Robin Thompson - Drums
Jack Dillworth - Keyboard
Sax 5th Avenue is an Owens-Valley-based band featuring sax, flute, guitar, bass, keyboards & drums, with musical influences from well-known classic & southern rock favorites. This popular rock and roll band has been together for over 4 years, however, many of the musicians have been playing in the Eastern Sierra for over 30 years!  They have been fortunate to performing at a wide variety of stages in California, ranging from large-scale festivals to an  intimate wedding ceremonies.  Where'ever there is a stage and an invite, the band is readily available to bring a lively, entertaining rock n roll show to the audience. The talented musicians have an uncanny knack and an intuitive ability to play to the crowd, therefore no two shows are ever alike!  Part of their appeal and specialty is the variety of their set-list, the big sound and vocal 5-part harmonies. They are proud and honored to have been voted "runner up" for Best Local Band for Inyo County in 2019.  Each band member not only celebrates their love of music on the stage, but demonstrates their love and appreciation for our area by their involvement in our Community.  Sax 5th Avenue is ready to party with you, so be ready to sing-along to some favorite tunes and dance!

Lina Lambert
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